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UVAR | Specialist in filters en afsluiters

Company Profile

UVAR holland is a technical wholesaler in UDI water filters and Bermad valves and accessories. The company started its operations in the 1970's and is active in many European countries.

As part of a global network of manufacturing and distribution companies, UVAR supplies quality products as well as technical advice. UVAR provides customized advice, engineering, design and adaptations of products for modern technologies. After-sales care, service and guarantee apply to all our sales transactions.

Our products are manufactured in ISO-certified factories and meet the highest requirements and standards as applicable to each segment and country.

The UVAR team and factory staff include specialists, technicians and engineers in the areas of hydraulics, waterworks and filtration.

UVAR holland BV has been the supplier of choice of a broad range of regular customers for over 40 years.