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UVAR | Specialist in filters en afsluiters

Service & Warranty

UVAR has a large stock of standard UDI water filters and Bermad valves for a wide range of applications in irrigation systems, distribution systems and fire-protection systems.

We can assemble for you adapted or special products according to your wishes and/or colour requirements or even have them produced and keep them in stock for quick delivery.

In addition to the regular external delivery services, UVAR has its own delivery service, thus ensuring quick delivery, even in cases of urgent need.

In providing our services, we consider customer friendliness and the highest degree of dependability in supplying products to be of paramount importance. Complaints if any are dealt with swiftly so that they can be avoided in the future.

Using our knowledge and experience, we are always pleased to work with our customers to arrive at the best solution to any particular water-related or control problem.